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19.08.2011  Championship of Russia 2011

On the past the Russia Championship on September, 20th, 2011 in Pyatigorsk among horses of Akhal-teke breed our gold buckskin Meledje (Gench-Mugdja) became the Winner among mares of two years, she has outstripped also bay Palitra (Murgab-Prokazniza), which too was born and grown up in Stavropol stud #170.

In the same day our three year olds Redjeli (Piastr-Rosinka) and Karaoglan (Karar-Oprava) became Vice-Champions, they was also born and belonging to our stud. The champion of breed among stallions of 3 year old and older - gold palomino Altynpash go out of "the Stavropol" Palvan (Polot-Platina) which was in due time the champion of Russia.

Young Champion of Russia - mare Meledje (Gench-Mugdja)

Reserve Young Champion of Russia - mare Palitra (Murgab-Prokazniza)

Reserve Champion of Russia - mare Redjeli (Piastr-Rosinka)

Reserve Champion of Russia - stallion Karaoglan (Karar-Oprava)