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01.04.2012  Eternal memory to V.P. Kondratov (1946-2012)

On March 31, 2012 after serious long illness died the general director of the Stavropol stud # 170 Kondratov Vladimir Petrovich.

Vladimir Petrovich was born on June 1, 1946 in the village Krugolessky of Aleksandrovsky area in Stavropol territory, in rural family. After finishing of school he entered in the Stavropol Agricultural institute, served in army, worked by the main profession of the mechanical engineer in various farms of the Aleksandrovsky area. He proved himself as the excellent leader and because of his leader`s abilities he was appointed in 1986 as the director of the Stavropol stud.

V. P. Kondratov since the childhood loved horses, but really he became interested in horse breeding already being the director of stud.  With interest studying this science in the theory and practice, V.P. Kondratov was convinced of need of considerable improvement of conditions feeding and stabling in the Stavropol stud.  For this purpose under his management were made a lot of things, are reconstructed stables and repaired for the box stabling, pastures are considerably expanded, are restored fenced paddocks, including irrigation paddocks.  Under the direction of V.P. Kondratov the Stavropol stud achieved serious successes in breeding of Tersk, Arabian and partbred horses, and in breeding of purebred Akhal-teke it became the leader in Russia and one of the best in the world.  Because of activity and persistence of V.P. Kondratov in Pyatigorsk hippodrome was successfully resumed  the races of purebred Akhal-teke horses .

The breeding of English Thoroughbred horses in which creation Vladimir Petrovitch put all heart and soul became a “favorite child” of V.P. Kondratov in the Stavropol stud.  With his direct participation in leading studs of Russia were bought mares of the most luxurious pedigree, the good breeding horses were bought abroad, in Ireland and England.  A big luck for stud and English breeding in Russia as whole became purchase by V.P. Kondratov the sire Balliol Boy, who has become further the numerous champion of sires in our country. Under leading of V.P. Kondratov in the Stavropol stud were born such excellent racing horses as the winner of Rostov-on-Don Derby and winner of Pardubice St. Leger - Greben, the winner of champions Cup - Sibiriada, the winner of Russian Oaks - Sonar, the winner of S.M. Budenny Memorial prize - Stilistika, the winner of Ministry of Agriculture prize - Zigair, recordholders of breed - Mojgan and Lal, winner of Pyatigorsk Derby - Selim, his outstanding brother Stikt, and also many others.  Vladimir Petrovitch always really rejoiced to successes and worried to failures, until quite recently, being seriously ill, he wanted to be aware of all affairs in stud and sincerely was interested in all horse-breeding news.

The posthumous requiem to V.P. Kondratov as to breeder, was Selim`s victory in France, the first victory of the Russian horse in Europe for very for many years…