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12.05.2011  Geldy Kyarizov

Translated from Russian by: Maria Marquise

Geldy Kyarizov, one of the most gifted Akhal-Teke horsebreeders of our times was born on 18 January 1951. From an early age, he used to spend all his free time at the hippodrome, as did many other young boys in Ashkhabad, absorbing the age-old traditions of the most ancient horsebreed in the world.

Kyarizov's original profession was far removed from horsebreeding but he never forgot the horses and always dreamed of one owning his own Akhal-Teke one day. He was able to realise his dream only after the Perestroika, one of his first horses was the excellent mare Pudra, who was at the foundations of Geldy's career as a breeder.

Together with a handful of like-minded people Kyarizov mounted a campaign in Turkmenistan, gradually widened to cover the rest of the Soviet Union, to draw attention to the fate of the Akhal-Teke horse. The important hallmarks of this campaign were the endurance rides which Kyarizov organised using Akhal-Teke horses, first within Turkmenistan and leading eventually to the mammoth Ashkhabad- Moscow ride. The subsequent press coverage and the films shown in cinemas and on television attracted enormous public interest to the problems of the Akhal-Teke breed and prompted the government to adopt measures aimed at improving the deplorable situation with horsebreeding in Turkmenistan.

Despite many problems and difficulties Kyarizov was facing, by the late 1980s the creation of his own stud farm was practically complete, It was first called "Akhal" and later re-named "Akhal-Yurt". Kyarizov's first success as a breeder came as a result of him using of the excellent stallion Aigytly (Opal-Agava), bought from the "Collective Farm Dagestanskii" on mares of the "Gorky Collective Farm". The birth of first-rate foals by this stallion, among them the exceptional stallion Alkymli, hailed the return to Turkmenistan of the precious blood of Fakir-Sulu and his sons Fakir-Pelvan and Gelishikli.

Inspired by his early successes, Kyarizov travelled tirelessly around Turkmenistan, Southern Kazakhstan and Northern Caucausus, gathering horses for his stud. The horses collected by him were at the root of his future success as a breeder, resulting in him breeding such horses as Perenli, Arkadash, Bitaraplyk (Germes), Karar, Afrosiab, Akpata, Alada, and of course the glorious Yanardag, famously used as a national symbol of the Independent Republic of Turkmenistan.

Geldy Kyarizov never focused narrowly on his own interests as a breeder. On the contrary, he gave extensive help to many Akhal-Teke stud farms and breeders. With his help Stavropol and Lugovskoi studs were able to use the dark-chestnut stallion Galkan (1985, Gerden-Alkeik), collective farm Dagestanskii used Polot (Sovkhoz- Sakharnaia), Lugovskoi stud, with Kyarizov's help, used Galmaz, Kerzi and Saklanma.

In 1998 Kyarizov became the General Director of the Turkmen state equestrian organisation "Turkmen Atlary". In his new job Kyarizov did everything to improve the situation within Turkmen horsebreeding, and to raise the profile of his country in the equestrian circles worldwide. As a result of Kyarizov's nomination, the president of Turkmenistan S.A. Niyazov who was elected the President of MAAK.

Geldy Kyarizov is indisputably one of the most respected and knowledgeable authorities on purebred Akhal-Teke in the world.

A.S. Klimuk